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Academy of Clinical and Applied

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Enhance your practice with new diagnostic techniques and therapeutic strategies developed and tested by international experts.

Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis is the premier resource for the latest results of new clinical trials and studies in this field. Published quarterly this multidisciplinary, professionally refereed journal is your guide to applying these advances to practice.

You'll find reports of the most up-to-date studies on the etiology pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, and treatment of thrombohemorragic disorders in every issue.

Put Leading Edge Research and Clinical Hematology Information to Work for You.

Expand your clinical capabilities and improve outcomes for your patients by staying current on the newest research in areas such as, pharmacologic agents laboratory and radiographic techniques, and therapeutic strategies.

Rapid publication of key articles enables readers to stay current on the most recent developments in the field of thrombosis/hemostasis.

Improve management of bleeding and clotting disorders with information that focuses on the practical issues you face every day.

A new feature has been introduced for 1999. "Unresolved Issues and Proposed Guidelines." This series will provide working models for clinical and applied aspects of thrombosis and hemostasis where guidelines currently don't exist. The articles will appear with each issue and will include such topics as the 3.8% versus 3.2% citrate issue, guidelines for the diagnosis and management of HIT/HITT, and other topics of interest for those caring for patients with thrombotic, hemorrhagic, or vascular disorders. The proposed guidelines will be written by members of the Academy, Board Members, Editors, and invited authors: which may lead to true guidelines.