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From its inception over a decade ago under the editorial leadership of Sir Alfred Cuschieri and Bruce McFadyen, Seminars in Laparoscopic Surgery occupied a unique and important role among surgical publications. Readers depended upon SLS for well-written, authoritative papers that established the journal as an indispensable asset in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

It soon became apparent that a forward-thinking surgical journal could not remain attached in name and mission to the limitations of “laparoscopy.” Under the editorial leadership of Adrian E. Park, the name of the journal has been changed to SURGICAL INNOVATION. While its roots are in the world of laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery, the journal’s content will educate and enrich its readers about the ever-evolving surgical innovation so crucial to our time, including the challenges of learning new techniques, understanding and adopting new technologies and maintaining our surgical competencies.

Surgical Innovation will speak to these and other issues that are often overlooked but of vital importance to all surgeons. You will be provided with fresh voices within an engaging format that has been designed to provide greater flexibility and nimbleness than is generally characteristic of surgical publications.

Featured Sections in SURGICAL INNOVATION:

Clinical Department
Research - Basic Science
Research - Evidence-Based Surgery and Surgical Outcomes
Surgical Education
Technology Development, Evaluation & Assimilation
Endoscopy, Endoluminal, Transluminal
Historical Perspectives and Vignettes
Business of Surgery/Medicine and Surgical Leadership


Flexible Endoscopy and the Surgeon,
Guest Co-Editor: Jeffrey M. Marks, MD, FACS

The Operating Room of the Future—Parts I and II,
Guest Editor: Ronald C. Merrell, MD

Laparoscopy for Benign Disease
Laparoscopy for Malignancy,
Guest Editor: Steven D. Wexner, MD

Robot-Assisted Surgery
Guest Editor: Mehran Anvari, MD

Updates and Controversies in Minimally Invasive Surgery: A European Perspective
Guest Editor: Eduardo M. Targarona, MD, PhD